6 Reasons that Can Get Your Entry to Spain Denied

The second condition that can get your entry rejected is not possessing sufficient economic means to sustain yourself in the country for the amount of time you have planned to spend.

How much money do you need to demonstrate?

According to the Ministry of Interior, the required amount sums up to 90 € per day per person, which is 10% of the minimum gross salary in the Spanish territory.

Hence, if you are spending 30 days in the country, you must show 2700€.

But things are not that complicated. You can combine both cash and bank/credit cards. For example, you can show 1.000€ that you brought with you in cash, and then the possession of additional money in your bank account.

Another important consideration here is that no matter if you get invited to a friend’s or relative’s house via invitation letter, you are still the one who must demonstrate your financial solvency, not them. So in this case the exact same amount applies.

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