Authorization for Study Purposes in Spain: Main Requirements

The authorization to stay in order to study is a visa that allows foreign students (non-European citizens) to study in Spain. We are talking about a permit regulated by the Law 14/2011, modified by the Royal Decree-Law published on September the 4th of 2018.

Until that date, this visa could only be requested at the consulate located in the country of origin of the foreign student (the applicant). However, after the modification, it is also possible to get the stay for studies after arriving as tourists to the country. This, for sure, as long as we initiate the application procedure within the 60 days before the end of the tourist visa (as the immigration office has 30 days to resolve it).

In that sense, this visa grants a residence card, which will coincide with the duration of the academic course. That’s unless the studies last for less than 6 months. In that case, the student will only keep the stamp in their passport, without receiving a card.

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