Marriage vs Civil Union in Spain. Which Option is Better?

Both marriage and civil unions are two legal figures that may be necessary and recommended at a certain point in our lives.

Either to obtain the Spanish residency or nationality, or because you are going to have children, joining in marriage or civil partnership can be the only way to go.

However, the differences between both institutions are important enough to make the decision rationally and objectively.

And that is what we have tried to decipher through this post, analyzing all the different factors that regulate both options.

While it is true that the greatest guarantees are contained in the figure of marriage, the domestic partnership may be the recommended option in many cases.

In short, this is a very important decision.

You should take it calmly, understand in detail all the related regulations in your particular autonomous community (since many points will be different), and ask for legal advice to know what is more appropriate for you and your family.

If you have any doubt or you would like our team to help you to make the decision, enter the following link and ask us anything:

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