Renew your Residence Card as a Family Member of a EU Citizen

As we have just mentioned, in order to renew this card you must prove that you still have the emotioanl bond with the family member through whom you obtained the residency.

In the case of an ascendant or descendant relationship (parents or children), there is no problem. The bond is maintained throughout your entire life by its very nature.

Nevertheless, we find a small obstacle in the case that you obtained your card as a relative of a community member through marriage or a common-law couple.

What happens if you separate or get divorced? Can you still renew the card?

In the case that the link has been broken, in order to renew you must have been married for 3 years (out of the 5), and one of them living together in Spain.

In that case you could keep your current regime.

It is important that if you do not live together and you are separated you get an official divorce before you try to renew.

The mere fact of filing a divorce demand against court would be enough. You will have to add that document to your renewal application.

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