Top 10 Best Things About Spain that Will Make You Love the Country

For many the best thing in Spain.

Because maybe there is no other place in the world in which you’ll leave a restaurant with such a feeling of having eaten a lot of delicious food at a really cheap price.

And that’s because the food offering in Spain not only tastes amazing, but it is also capable of creating truly unique lunch or dinner moments.

First of all you have a wide variety of restaurants in any city you visit. Some more fancy, others more traditional. But they all have something in common: it’s impossible to leave without a negative feeling.

Both food and quality of the service are exceptional.

Secondly, you have unique dishes that have traveled the world, feeding nationals and foreigners alike.

We are referring to the famous Paella (a real icon from the country), tapas (which have created their own meal occasion), or crema catalana (the famous dessert).

Finally, the icing of the cake: the price at which you can enjoy all of that. You can take pleasure in all those delicious foods trough complete 10€-12€ lunch menus (including water and bread).

And if you go shopping, 50€ will be more than enough to completely feed your fridge for one week.

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