What to Do if You Lost your NIE/TIE or it Was Stolen

What happens if I lost my NIE and I have a trip planned in the upcoming days or weeks? Can I leave Spain?

As for leaving the country, you wouldn’t find any problem. That can be done without your residency card.

Trouble comes when trying to come back, as if you don’t have your NIE/TIE with you during the border control, you won’t be allowed to enter the country.

So what should you do?

After the loss of theft, immediately request a duplicate of your card in any immigration office.

This will allow you to register your fingerprints on a new card. Then, you will get a document that certifies that your card is being processed.

With that proof, you can request an authorization to come back to Spain.

With the return authorization you are allowed to enter Spain, along with your passport. And, during those periods of the year in which the authorization to come back is not required (like during summer), you will have the document that justifies that your card is being produced.

So our advice for you is to act fast; especially during summer. Why? Because the appointments for the return authorization experience important delays.

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