🥇 5 Top Tips for Moving to Spain with Children (Really Useful)

One of the most important decisions you’ll make during your move is which school to register little expats with.

From a range of subsidized (concertado), private or international schools, you can feel spoiled for choice, but the final decision will come down to your children’s ages, interests and individual needs.

Whatever you decide, you’ll need to make the call well ahead of moving day.

Younger children can find it fairly easy to fit in at a state-run school, picking up additional languages more easily than older siblings and are often quicker at making new friends.

But with a wealth of international schools to choose from, it may be preferable to register your family somewhere they can follow on with the same curriculum, as well as where you know they can meet other children who are also settling into a new life overseas.

Expat networks online can be a great place to connect with other parents in the region you’re planning on moving to, especially if you don’t know anyone in the area already. Join conversations about the schools they would – or wouldn’t – recommend, to establish what’s right for you.

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