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Once your residency application has been approved, you will be very close to finally obtaining your physical residency card. But there is just one last

Everything you need to know about the work permit that allows you to relocate in Spain to work for the headquarters of a multinational company

Nowadays, there are many procedures that this institution manages, and in this article you will understand why its plays such an important role. The UGE

We have really good news! In a very short time, we will have a new law for startups in Spain, and with it, important changes

A passport is an indispensable document for foreigners, and that is a fact that anyone understands. But what happens in those cases where either you

In order to carry out any immigration procedure in Spain, whether it is an initial application for your residence permit or renewal (for example), you

Your studies are coming to an end but you would like to stay in Spain and continue studying for longer? Then this article is for

Marriage or civil union, which option should you aim for? Keep reading, because you are about to learn the main differences between these two options.

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